Located in providence’s historic West End, Jephry Floral Studio is an award-winning flower shop focused on providing the freshest, most beautiful flowers available in custom designs and as bouquets.

In an exciting, creative environment of new designs, you’ll find flowers for weddings, parties and all of life’s special occasions. Open daily, except Sunday, and delivering throughout Providence and its surrounding communities the staff & designers at Jephry Floral Studio create expressive arrangements for celebrating birthdays, and anniversaries, to say ‘thank you’ or “get well”, and flowers that say more than words in times of sympathy.

I believe that flowers are beautiful all by themselves, growing in a field, long before they get to my flower shop. It’s also true that standing on a hill overlooking that field of flowers would probably make you smile inside & out. When I make a beautiful flower arrangement, or when you give that arrangement to someone it’s not because they “need ” a vase of flowers, it is because they need a smile, or a hug, or a pat on the back. Giving flowers isn’t about giving flowers. It’s about telling someone that they are loved, that you care about them. It’s about life’s celebrations and easing life’s heartaches. For my part, I think it’s pretty cool that I can make an arrangement of flowers that will make someone smile, & in this crazy, hectic world it’s great that there is something as simple as a flower that can help us say so much.